My homework philosophy is that homework should be for extra practice and review of taught concepts. Occasionally students will do assignments for research and other specific purposes.

For assignments sent home, strictly as homework for review and practice, they will be graded with the following rubric to provide a grade in "responsibility" not included in the overall subject grades.
Assignment Completion Grade

assessed standards
Meets assessed standards
Does not meet standards in some assessed areas
Does not meet standards in all
assessed areas
Demonstrates responsibility and organization
  • Turned in on time
  • Name on paper
  • Completely finished

Works carefully and neatly
  • Followed directions
  • Complete sentences
  • Thoughtful answers
  • Legible and neat

Other classwork done in class may be graded on points or with the rubric below depending on the subject.

In an effort to move more towards a "Standards Based Grading System," we will be grading and assessing students according to standards in Social Studies and Science. Students will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate each standard in the unit. You will be given a unit expectations sheet at the beginning of the unit and at the end. This will let you know how your child did in each standard area.

The goal of Standards-based grading is to allow parents, teachers, and students to better understand what students do and do not understand from each unit.

Standards scores will be compiled for an overall grade that you will see on their Report Card and Progress Report. These scores will also be used on some assignments.
I place this rubric on the site for you to have an understanding of what the numbers mean. The rubric below would be used.

Point Value
The student is exceeding assessed standards.
When possible, he/she uses his/her own words and examples to demonstrate thorough understanding and application of the standard, not just memorization.
The student is meeting all assessed standards.
He/She demonstrates accurate understanding of the standard, but relies on memorization and the teacher’s examples for application.
The student is meeting assessed standards in some areas.
He/She demonstrates partial understanding of the standard and relies on memorization and the teacher’s examples for application.
The student is not yet meeting assessed standards in all areas.
He/She demonstrates minimal or no understanding of the standard; responses are unrelated or incorrect.