Vocab Games
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Vocabulary Lessons
Each vocabulary Packet has two separate lessons of words. We will learn and practice the first lesson for one week and have a quiz the next Monday. The second week we will learn and practice the second lesson and have a quiz the next Monday. The third week, we will review all the words from the packet and have a test the following Monday over all the words.

Quizzes are matching and tests are composed of matching and short answer. These grades are recorded under "Reading."

Homework: There will be homework 3 times a week for vocabulary.
Two nights, students will be completing "Word Study Boxes."
One night there will be a practice worksheet.

Word Detectives
Each week we will watchful for search out our vocabulary words. If students find them in books, magazines, any text, on the radio, or over heard in conversation they can report this back the class. At school, I will have a stack of small papers for students to write down the vocabulary word and where they saw. I will keep a poster at the back of our room to keep track of how often the different words have been seen.

Word Detectives is not a grade for students. It is meant to be a motivation for students to get excited about vocabulary.

This is a power point of pictures that students can use to study.